Virtual simulation in a different way.

Virtual Simulation is an excellent educational tool used in both undergraduate and postgraduate education. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, it is possible to perform simulations at the highest world level while reducing educational costs.

virtual patient

VMS is an advanced software for learning, practicing and consolidating processes. A perfect tool for nurses, paramedics, doctors and all other medical and medical-related professions. Also recommended for practicing non-technical skills

cyber firefighter
Cyber Firefighter

Virtual world of fires. Virtual simulators from enable you to manage rescue and fire-fighting operations, learn how to use specialized equipment, as well as get into the middle of a rescue operation.

triage vr
Mass Casualty Incidents

Mass Casualty Incidents Scenarios are one of the most difficult to simulate in reality. However, gas explosions, tram derailments, but also the effects of terrorist attacks and mass panics can now be simulated using our virtual simulators.

Our customers are government organizations, universities and companies providing training in specific fields.

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